Agbokim Waterfall

Agbokim Waterfall is renowned for its unique and picturesque setting. It consists of seven streams, which cascade over a cliff, creating seven distinct falls. The water flows into a serene, lush green valley surrounded by tropical rainforest, making it a breathtaking sight.


  • State: Cross River State, Nigeria
  • Proximity to Cities: It’s about 17 kilometers from Ikom, a major town in Cross River State, and approximately 315 kilometers from Calabar, the state capital.


  1. Multiple Cascades: The seven separate streams give the waterfall a unique and expansive appearance.
  2. Scenic Beauty: The area is known for its lush vegetation, including various species of tropical plants and wildlife.
  3. Peaceful Ambiance: The serene and tranquil environment makes it an excellent spot for relaxation and nature walks.


Visitors to Agbokim Waterfall can engage in a variety of activities, including:

  • Picnicking: The surrounding area provides ideal spots for picnics.
  • Photography: The waterfall and its surroundings offer excellent opportunities for stunning photographs.
  • Hiking: The terrain around the waterfall is suitable for hiking and exploring the natural beauty of the rainforest.
  • Bird Watching: The diverse flora and fauna make it a good spot for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts.


The waterfall is accessible by road, though the journey can be challenging due to the condition of the roads, especially during the rainy season. Visitors often prefer to travel with a guide or local expert familiar with the area.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Agbokim Waterfall is during the rainy season, typically between April and October, when the water flow is at its peak, and the falls are most impressive. However, it’s important to note that the roads can be more difficult to navigate during this time due to the increased rainfall.


Agbokim Waterfall is not only a natural wonder but also an important tourist attraction that contributes to the local economy. It draws visitors from within Nigeria and abroad, promoting eco-tourism in the region.

Tips for Visitors

  • Travel Prepared: Bring adequate supplies, such as water, snacks, and insect repellent.
  • Hire a Guide: Consider hiring a local guide to navigate the area safely and learn more about the local culture and environment.
  • Respect Nature: Follow eco-friendly practices to preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of the area.
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